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‘Biliti’ Maacher Jhol

Special section in the recipe corner

 ‘It’ might strike you anywhere and at anytime. Unaware! It doesn’t care about what situation you are in or which day of the week is it. It could strike you even now as you sit looking at this screen! Right now! And if you happen to be a Bengali living abroad, it might be a little tricky to get rid of ‘It’ !

The ‘it’ am talking about is the one thing that defines a Bengali. The ‘Maacher Jhol Craving’ !

Now, when you are a UK Bengali, it’s hard to get hold of fresh Bengali fishes like Rui, Katla, Tyangra or Bhetki. And when it’s frozen, we both know it no longer tastes the same. But the Bengali in us wants the taste of fresh fish curry and to satisfy that Bangaliana, we have got to find a solution. And that’s where the IBUK ‘Khai Khai Army’ steps in !

IBUK suggests fish recipes that are inherently Bengali with a ‘Biliti’ twist !

And the twist comes in the form of Sea-bass in a traditional maacher jhol from Poppy’s kitchen.

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