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Indian Bengalis in UK (IBUK) is a non profit organisation founded in 2015 as a Facebook group. It has since grown in size and became a real entity. We now have 6.7K members (and counting) from all over the UK.


We conduct events like Mishti Puraan where Bengali home chefs bring authentic Bengali delicacies from their kitchen which we cannot find anywhere in the UK hight streets like pithey pooli, nolen gurer rosogolla and we sell them for charity.


We do open air Choruibhati where we go to a country park and cook on spot and spend a fun filled day.


We represent Bengal in Indian High Commission events.


We do UK Puja Porikroma by buses during Durga puja time in different cities in the UK.


We do Bijoya Sammiloni and other get-togethers.


We conduct Bangla classes for our younger generation. Our YouTube channel is full of Bangla poetry / poems to support our UK brought up kids to learn Bengali poetry.

We support our community entrepreneurs by providing them business and our members to reach out to us with any query they might have. During Covid, we supported our members with every possible assistance.


We are run purely with volunteers. So please join us. We conduct events all over the UK and we need local volunteers to support our events.

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