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Royal Berkshire Bengali Association (RBBA)

Our pujo was born of a heartfelt wish to recreate the pujo magic of our own childhood. We began in 2009, cooked our own food in the Rbba makeshift kitchen and pujo was conducted in sync with India over the 5 days! In the traditional Desher pujo Bideshey style!

Since 2009




  • Shoshti      Sat 1st October (3pm - 8pm)

  • Shaptami   Sun 2nd October (10:30am - 8pm)

  • Ashthami   Mon 3rd October (8am - 8pm)

  • Nabhami    Tue 4th October (8am - 8pm)

  • Dashami     Wed 5th October (7am - 2pm)


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