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Milton Keynes Ananda Club

Milton Keynes Ananda Club was formed in 1989 and is a non-profit, socio cultural organisation with the main objectives of engaging in educational, cultural, sports and charitable initiatives. It seeks to preserve, promote, and celebrate the multi-cultural aspect of India. One of our goal is to infuse our rich cultural heritage into the vibrant local community of 3 Counties, which is a conglomeration of cultures and traditions; and to showcase the tradition and depth of Indian culture to foster better understanding and appreciation.
We organise seasonal festivals such as autumn festivals which includes Durga puja (Dusserah) and Kali puja (Diwali) and spring festival (Sarasvati puja).


Since 1989




  • 20 October:  Sasthi (5pm - 8.30pm)

  • 21 October: Saptami (10am - 8pm)

  • 22 October: Ashtami (10am - 8pm)

  • 23 October: Nabami (10am - 8pm)

  • 24 October: Dashami (10am - 6.30pm)


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