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Leicester Prabashi Durga Pujo

For celebrating Durga Puja at home away from home , look no further than Leicester Probashi ! Founded in 1992 and celebrating Pujo every year since 1996, this club blends the traditional warmth with modern levity with Puja during the day and cultural programmes in the evening . On top are the dinners prepared and served by the members themselves. Atithi Debo Bhaba

Since 1996




  • 1st October:  Sasthi (6pm - 8:30pm)

  • 2nd October: Saptami (9am - 11pm)

  • 3rd October: Ashtami (9am - 11pm)

  • 4th October: Nabami (9am - 11pm)

  • 5th October: Dashami (9am - 11pm)


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